letting down

she’s finally left
the home she knows

circle dance
holding hands

with smiling

and the man
she loves

the sun
is a circle

it is about that
they dance

yet not really

is the subject

even to herself

and all
about her

she is home
yet doesn’t know

/ / /

I knew immediately which dance/movie/character I wanted to write about when I saw the video at Poem Tryouts: Will You Dance? at Wordgathering. Thanks, Margo.

I won’t tell you which movie it’s from. But it is featured in the video. In one of those cases of synchronicity that cannot be ignored, I had watched this movie the day before with my wife and younger son. I had remembered a scene from the movie that moved me the first time I saw it; but it was this scene on a second viewing that had me tearing up.

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