These in the past attained wholeness


These in the past attained wholeness:

The heavens attained wholeness and became clear.
The Earth attained wholeness and became firm.
The spirit attained wholeness and became strong.
The valley attained wholeness and became full.
The ten thousand things are whole and growing.
Lords and kings attained wholeness
and put right their countries.

Without clarity, the heavens would split apart.
Without firmness, the Earth would quake.
Without strength, the spirit would dissipate.
Without fullness, the valley would dry up.
Without growth, the ten thousand things would die out.
Without leadership, the lords would fall.

Therefore, humility is the root of nobility.
The low is the base of the high.

This is why the lords and kings call themselves
“the orphaned, widowed, and without worth.”

Striving for praise, one is not praised.

Desire not the rarity of jade,
nor the multitude of stone gravel.

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I forgot to post this yesterday.

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