A good walker leaves no tracks


A good walker leaves no tracks.
A good speaker speaks without flaws.
A good reckoner needs no counters.
A good doorkeeper
has neither lock nor key,
yet it cannot be opened.
A good knotter
has neither cord nor twine,
yet it cannot be untied.

Therefore, the master attends to everyone
and rejects no one.
The master attends to all things
and wastes nothing.
This is called following the light.

Everything that is good
is the teacher of the good man.
Everything that is bad
is the resource of the good man.
If one does not honor his teacher,
if one does not love his resource,
though he is knowledgeable, he is deluded.

This is the essential mystery.

1 thought on “A good walker leaves no tracks

  1. > Jacques C.;Nlquo& AKCHEaT » pas « accent », voyons ! On voit bien que vous faites des jefforts mais jil vous rechte encore des traches de jojotement dans votre dichcours !


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