since language

since language
is the basis of learning


is it?

my sons learned to walk
without my talking

the future keeps coming
and we keep learning

we call it experience

some of it we can put into language
some of it we cannot

some of it we put into language
and no listens to us

experience will teach them
the hard way
the test and then the lesson

that seems backwards
but I can walk backwards
into the future

teeth break through gums
and we learn to eat

all without language

there is language with magic
i call it poetry

and there is magic without language
i call it love

show it
feel it
let it be

let it be

/ / /

This poem was written to the “Since (blank)” prompt at Poetic Asides. I also incorporated some words from Elizabeth’s blog, 1sojournal. I took them from day three.

2 thoughts on “since language

  1. I enjoyed this ride. Flowing, but with graceful jumps. It’s beyond coherence or structure, more like a stream of consciousness when the thinker is very focused (like when one has had a lot of coffee). You also presented smart nuggets without turning it into a treatise of something. And the ending was lovely. Now this is a poem.


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