He thinks I just play
the role of the beloved-
in pursuit of cash
and other goods, swirling my
skirt to beat his defenses

I put on prison
lenses, cloaking my self in
becoming less than-
more Mars than Venus, wild and
a tad cruel in my outlook

This poem was written in response to Wordle 138 at The Sunday Whirl.

Thanks to my friend, Paula, for telling me about the Somonka form.

9 thoughts on “Somonka

  1. Thank you Richard, for introducing me to another new form. I like the directness you used in your poem…more revealing of the speaker than the subject. Your economy is admirable while still managing to cloak the wordle words. Very well woven,



  2. This is a wild whirl! You’ve painted a vivid picture of one who’s just “a tad cruel,” using only a few swishes of the word brush.


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