calling all cars
it’s the only way to live / in cars
the way we live it
is the only way we know to live it
so we should live it up
put something in your cup
pour my lyrics in your cup,
it’s glass warming

you just can’t escape
global warming

/ / /

Process Notes: So, I saw “Callings” as a prompt for today at The Music In It, and then I saw today’s prompt at NaPoWriMo. I typed “calling all” into Google; I know, just two words instead of three. That lead me to “calling all cars”, which lead me to “Cars” by Gary Numan, and then subsequent searches on words from those lyrics lead me to “Only Way” by Lil’ Wayne, which lead to “Live It Up” by Tulisa, which lead to “Mellowhype” by RokRok. Then page after page of search results on “warming” was all linked to global warming. The second stanza is not a lyric from a song.

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