Casting About

i would cast my movie
with community theater actors

a bunch of unknowns
but sincere

in their amateur status
(remember there is love there)

it would be messy and imperfect
just like life

i would want a different director
for each act

would that be three or five?
i don’t know yet

i might be persuaded to let in
a couple of Hollywood actors

but with bit roles
and so much makeup

they would be hardly recognizable
in their cameo status

i would want Harlan Ellison
and Sharon Olds to play themselves

and the guys from Barenaked Ladies
could all be samurai

that might have to be a dream sequence
or a flashback to a previous life

and I definitely want
Michael Giacchino to score it

maybe I should get to work
on the screenplay

/ / /

This poem was written to the casting prompt at Poetic Asides.

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