In Case of Case

If you find you don’t like
the actual state of things
as may be the case
then write a political poem

If yours is a sad case
then try to be happy
or just be happy
there’s no use just trying

If yours is a case of hardship
hang in there
adversity builds character
so I’m told

If it’s a mystery case
then go investigate
you won’t find it
if you don’t look for it

If someone presents a strong case
then yours has to be stronger
and by stronger
I mean wiser

If it’s a severe case of the flu
stay home from work
take care of yourself
watch bad daytime tv

If it’s the nominative case
then flip it around
make the noun a verb
Google it if you don’t know how

If it’s a briefcase
carry it
If it’s a legal case
hire a lawyer

If you’re the case
hope you have a good doctor
and you’re in a good hospital
and they don’t mess up your chart

If it’s a case of conscience
listen to that little voice
it’s saying the right thing
so you’ll do the right thing

If someone’s on your case
tell them to back off
maybe you need
to get off their case

If you’ve got a case
for the girl next door
or the boy next door
just ask them out

In any case
another stanza can be added
if this is not the case
for you

/ / /

This poem was written to the “In Case of (blank)” prompt at Poetic Asides for day eleven of the Poem-a-Day Challenge.

4 thoughts on “In Case of Case

  1. LOVE this, Richard. Our minds went in a similar direction with this one, but yours was clearly more clear than mine, as I was too foggy to get more than four piku/stanzas eked out onto the page. Well done!!


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