NaPoWriMo Day 9 – Dear Poetry Gods

dear poetry gods,
please forgive me
for not writing a poem yesterday

i am writing one today
actually, two,
because i don’t want to fall behind

i know in this month of poetry
you might not have noticed
but i thought i’d mention it

i didn’t want you finding out
later and then being doubly mad
at my failure

it was the first day
of standardized testing
and i was stressed

by the test
and by the efforts i made
not to stress my students

then i had to rush
and get my son to a doctor’s
appointment on time

i know i wasn’t seen
at the appointed time
but you know how doctor’s are

or do you?
do poetry gods get sick?
or is it a dual

thing you got going on?

and then it was my twelfth
wedding anniversary
-why, thank you-

and my better half
wanted to go out
to dinner

and, yes, we took
the children with us
which is fair

when you think about it-
they being one of the results
of our marriage

and then i fell asleep
on the couch
between 8 and 9

which you know is early for me
so i didn’t write a poem

but i do have
this one
for you today

/ / /

This is a true story. And written to no prompt in particular, just in the spirit of National Poetry Month, NaPoWriMo, the Poem-a-Day Challenge, or whatever you want to call this crazy thing.

4 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 9 – Dear Poetry Gods

  1. Ahh, some days it just feels good to say it straight up and out, and forget whatever anyone else might be shouting about. Congratulations Richard, if you weren’t grinning when you wrote this, you had best be doing so now. I grinned all the way through it. Been there, done it, and it was worth every word,



  2. I would love to hear this read. If/when I miss a poem this month, my response will be: What Richard says. I can hear you having fun with each stanza and it grows as the plea does.



    • margo, thank you so much. Paula’s been after me to read/record poems. I think Buddah Moskowitz has a site for that. I just might be persuaded to read this one. Thanks, again.



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