NaPoWriMo – Day Six

Aletea would write letters
of her long days
and of Laurana, their daughter

Naldo was in Salinas
he would get to the motel
in the evening and write

he didn’t have much to tell
no stories really
mostly questions about Laurana

and then he would open Aletea’s letter
and smile, the weariness he felt
lessened a little just with those words

in the morning, on his way to work,
he’d put his letter in the blue box
and look south to Arizona

Naldo would pray and then turn
his attention to the work
ahead of him in the fields that day

they would talk on the phone
on the weekend – until then,
it was love by post

/ / /

This poem was inspired by the post prompt at Poetic Asides.

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