Wordle 92

do not beware art
there is nothing to fear in

sticky plaster of paris
filaments of woven glass
scrimshaw carved in whalebone
pearls in oyster shells
pearl earrings dangling
below that delicious lobe
nuns in linen in their cells
technicolor photographs of skin cells

you will not get caught
you will not get cut
you will not be bit
do not fear nature
do not fear artifice
do not fear religion
do not fear science

it is framed
but it knocks at your soul
it charges the air
feel the goosebumps
on your skin
feel them before they are gone
hear the call
heed the call

be aware of art

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 92 at The Sunday Whirl.

Wordle 91

beatnik bar

the diminishing palace
of diminishing virtue
drunk on ditch poetry

the poet not only bends
the rules, he breaks them
and has bad line breaks too

this long room full of drunks
with diminishing wishes
and broken steps

(or is that
diminishing steps
and broken wishes?

better to go with the first
don’t overthink it)

they burden the poet
with their life poetry
the virtues they dropped

and he recites aloud
steps with each iamb
on the room’s wooden floor

the stories of their ditched dreams
the virtue of drams
in this poetry drunk palace

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 91 at The Sunday Whirl.

Wordle 90

listen, pal
this was no giddy venture
no passionate steps
no practice of love
no waiting with bated breath
(whatever that means)
no tumult of desire
no fire of the heart

this was a venture
within capitalism
the practice of law
the abatement of emotion

the bitter clarity of work
awake to opportunity
the chance to fire someone
step up the corporate ladder

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 90 at The Sunday Whirl.