Two poems for Wordle 86

One could coast
or one could stress

The tendency is innate
even rampant and relentless

Or is it delicate
and perhaps a bit bland

It depends on the space
you occupy

What you have forged
in that space

Under your hat
that spectrum

Of thoughts and emotions
and whether you stress

That which rejuvenates
or that which enervates

/ / /

in the company of introverts

silence is rampant
but not relentless

no day is bland or boring
but instead delicate

there is no stress
in this space we’ve forged

an innate spectrum
that rejuvenates

we can coast
not speaking

keeping our opinions
under our hats

/ / /

The first poem is in response to the twelve words of Wordle 86 at The Sunday Whirl.

The second poem also responds to the wordle as well as the “In the company of (blank)” prompt at Poetic Asides.

3 thoughts on “Two poems for Wordle 86

  1. Oh, Mr. Walker, now you’ve done it. I struggle to make one piece of these words and you turn around and make two. Unfair. I do like both: the philosophy in the first, the reality in the second. For the first half of my existence, I struggled to be an extrovert, during this second half, I prefer just being comfortably me.



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