On You

i will umbrella your childhood
protect you from UV light
thunder and lightning

this is what i have vowed
but can i sustain that stand
and not make excuses

what shifts will i allow
in my stance about what
you are and will become

what will i bequeath to you
and what will you inherit
patience or frustration

will i be able to shield you
from the worst of me
that which is deep inside

will i be able to seize the light
shift it refract it into beauty
or will i just thunder anger

will i be able to go deeper
embrace what i have joined
and not break it

/ / /

Better late than never. This poem is in response to Wordle 78 at The Sunday Whirl. I was unhappy with my first draft. I’m not sure why. I looked at it again this morning, changed one word, and decided to post it. Go figure!

I’m gearing up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). This will be my fifth year participating. I’ve written three novels so far; I didn’t “win” my first year by completing a 50,000-word novel. I’m writing the second in a planned five-book series that I’ve plotted with my boys, ages 8 and 11. I wrote the first book in the series last year. A proof copy of that book is currently going around my classroom; two of my students have read it in the last couple of weeks.

I’ve got a Virtual Classroom on the Young Writers Program website; come check us out. I’ve got twenty (20!) out of thirty-two students who are already signed up on the Young Writers Program website and added to my Virtual Classroom. And I’ve got a former student, one from last year, who is going to write again this year; she is also listed on our Virtual Classroom. My students, current and former, are rewarding my enthusiasm for writing in unexpected, but most joyous, ways.

And I’m fundraising for The Office of Letters and Light, the nonprofit organization that organizes NaNoWriMo and supports the Young Writers Program. I believe in this organization and what they do. I write. I encourage my students to write. My eldest son is planning to write this year. I have classroom materials from the Young Writers Program in my classroom, that I received free of charge. All teachers can order them free of charge. If you could donate a small (or large) amount to The Office of Letters and Light in my name, as part of The Night of Writing Dangerously fundraising event, I would greatly appreciate it.

My friend and colleague, Mike, and I are raising funds for The Office of Letters and Light, so that we can attend The Night of Writing Dangerously. You can find our fundraising page here. We went last year and had a blast. We both wrote novels last year, and helped our students write thousands of words. And we got to meet Chris Baty, the founder of NaNoWriMo. He’s awesome!

Mike and I have both donated. And I want to extend a formal “thank you” to each person who has donated so far: Richard, James, and Paula. Thank you!

I hope to get back on track with writing and posting poems. I’ll also be updating my word count for NaNoWriMo here.

I’ve got a couple of web badges posted. And a small text note on the side of this blog with links to all the relevant sites.

2 thoughts on “On You

  1. The lower case i works in this poem of wonderings. My daughter inherited some of my strength, and some of my flaws. She has better insight into others than I do, and I’m grateful for that. Ah, parental musings. I’m going to go read this one again. Thanks Richard.


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