What Holds Us Down

he watches old flicks on TV
she flicks ants off the picnic table
he thinks he’s one of the swells
she hates it when she swells with water weight

he’s good with bug spray
his realm is the garden
triggering the plants to grow

she’s good with olive oil spray
her realm of girdles and griddles
keeping the grittiness away

he relishes her hot dogs
with her homemade relishes
he pulls up his pants
saying no to crack
she can crack a joke
about being his ball and chain

their life is a refrain
that they claim everyday
in the singing

they both understand gravity
in their own way
she in her fertility and hertility
he in his humility and himility

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 65 at The Sunday Whirl.

I am currently on vacation and using free wifi at our hotel. I’m currently in Cockeysville, just north of Baltimore, Maryland.

I don’t know if I’ll make it online next Sunday, but thanks for stopping by. If you leave me a comment, I’ll return the favor. I’m still getting caught up visiting blogs from last week’s wordle poem. So, thank you for being patient.

24 thoughts on “What Holds Us Down

  1. I only started reading these, but I knew I’d laugh out loud at least once this morning. You got me! Your play with the multiple meanings in these words is delightful, Richard. Thanks for himility. Lovely word, I must say.


  2. Loved this! What a fun read and, what a wonderful couple, so comfortable together in their separate quirks and yet enjoying their lives together.
    Have a good holiday Richard, wherever you are next.


  3. Your portrait of them is wonderfully detailed and makes this reader smile to have known many such couples. Just spent two days with my siblings and their spouses. The gentle teasing and laughter, the awareness of the other, the small loving touches, all came to mind as I read your poem. Loved your play with ‘hertility and himility’. Enjoy your escape away, we will all be waiting for your return,



  4. The two ending lines are lovely, just lovely. I had no idea how to use “himility,” so I avoided it altogether. You, on the other hand, just plunged right in! And I love how you approached the other Wordle words from various angles. Well done!

    Gardener Grittle


  5. I like the quiet fun you have with words, in telling the tale. That same quiet humour runs through the relationship which shows the closeness through your weaving of the strands. I feel like I am reading a dance.



  6. I love this, Richard. It really made me laugh outloud to myself as I read it. Enjoyed the ‘girdles’ and ‘griddles’ and ‘grittiness’ stanza and the last stanza with the ‘himility’ and ‘hertility.’ You REALLY wrote in top form today! Kudos to you.


  7. Richard…the authentic youness is written all through this poem!! A joy to read and the last two lines are super clever and fun!! Thank you for visiting me!! Have a great week out and about!!


  8. Oh, what wonderful fun this one is to read! I love it, Richard. And thank you so much for your kind comments on my contribution to this week’s wordle. I very much appreciate it.


  9. Cracking jokes… That’s part of the recipe for a good partnership. There are several one word private jokes that can get a bunch of us turning red and rolling on the floor with laughter. I enjoyed your word play too. Enjoy your vacation – I’ll be toddling off soon – but I’m going to try to stay in touch with my lap-top.

    This weeks’ play with Wordles is here:


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