Housewives don’t need househusbands around.
They want earners. Someone with balls.

They aren’t interested in eternity. Or next fall.
They’re worried about this afternoon’s trip to the market.

The sting of it all. The constant subtracting.
The buffer that has all but disappeared.

Nibbling the cantaloupe flesh all the way to the rind.
Steeping the tea bags for a second time.

It was just supposed to be a transition period.
But it has lasted months, nearly a year.

It’s not like she’s ignorant of unity.
But she spurns him. He can keep his drawers on.

This has been too much for worse, and not for better.
She’s not sure her fidelity can withstand this economy.

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 64 at The Sunday Whirl. I also incorporated buffer, transition, and unity from Three Word Wednesday.

I’m about to leave California for two weeks to visit Ohio and Baltimore. I’m uncertain how much I’ll be online. I will have my laptop with me and my iPhone, but I make no promises about posting while I’m on vacation. I’ll be writing, of course, but may not be posting until I return. I hope all you wonderful people are having a good summer. Thanks for visiting my blog; I truly appreciate it.


18 thoughts on “Economy

  1. Richard, this is powerful.
    Love this:
    “They aren’t interested in eternity. Or next fall.
    They’re worried about this afternoon’s trip to the market.”

    The tyranny of the urgent here is strong. And LOVE the last line.


  2. I like that you talk about the housewives of now and the portrait you give [which is probably dead on].

    Have a wonderful two weeks. I hope the power is on where you need it and the temperatures come down.



  3. excellent. each word is weighty in its own way.
    true, i have listened to the elder women in my childhood and
    they didn’t need a filthy rich man, however for these hard working
    woman, money meant security.


  4. you’ve said so much here. i am in love with those lines “nibbling the cantaloupe flesh all the way to the rind. steeping the tea bags for a second time.” wonderful writing and imagery. enjoy your trip! i so love Baltimore myself. x


  5. I laughed out loud at the first stanza! Tough indeed. Hubby’s first job was supposed to take him to retirement…hasn’t worked that way at all. Ended up shaving his mustache to look younger to be rehired in this economy. Not quite to the point of chewing to the rind or double dipping tea bags – that reminds me of my mother-in-laws stories of surviving WWII.

    Have a wonderful two weeks – I’m soon off on a vacation myself – with lap-top!

    Thanks for your visit. I generally don’t plan what I write…but it is nice when the whole picture makes sense and is appreciated. I must remember to thank my Muse. 🙂


  6. But if she’s worth her salt, she will make it through this economy, the hurdle, because that’s what a housewife does. I am determined to write another one just so the old apron strings are even and balanced! All this taking pop-shots at housewives is making me terribly grumpy. 🙂 Sort of…


  7. RIchard, this is a strong write. I could see this in a major publication. You are speaking to the times with eloquence and with language the masses will understand. I like this tremendously.
    Great line:
    “the buffer that has all but disappeared”


  8. Well written. She’s not sure her fidelity can withstand the economy. There are probably a lot of people in that kind of position nowadays. I feel sorry for both husband and wife in this write.


  9. You have given some great details (as already noted in others’ comments) to show how lean times are for this couple…but it makes me wonder about that transition period. Seems there was a choice made for this? Maybe a choice she had agreed to at one point, for the sake of unity? Now…it seems to be biting her in the butt.

    Loved the direction you took the words…and the combining of prompts: bravo!


  10. Richard I must tell you I look forward to your writing -it is familiar and strong. If my husband wrote, he would write like you.

    Have a safe trip -Ohio and Baltimore… sounds like there is a poem in there.


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