The Model

She takes snapshots of herself,
practice for headshots,
sent wirelessly to her computer.

Here are her lips, so full,
so voluptuous, the men want
to touch and tongue them.

She takes care of her skin,
for this is the beauty
we see and pay for.

She keeps her body thin,
shielding herself from temptation,
yielding not to indulgence.

The clothes hanging on the racks
are just an act, a costume,
that she wears like a gesture.

She can stand and pose,
driving the men to utter distraction,
while she looks the other way.

She lips the words
to a Madonna song,
gesturing into his camera.

She thins the cocktail
the photographer made for her,
and sets it on the nightstand.

She acts coy, with a gentle touch,
utterly arousing him, and takes
naked snapshots of him.

She finds what is hanging
between his legs amusing,
so other and alien and frail.

If she wouldn’t be sent away
for it, she would skin him alive,
he disgusts her so.

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 63 at The Sunday Whirl.

17 thoughts on “The Model

  1. The last stanza is delicious. It’s one of those pieces where the entire piece culminates in those last three lines. I love it. The sick pr_ck. You capture part of the sleezy underbelly that exists in that industry. Well done.


  2. about turning the tables. I think so many of these girls fall prey to these photographers for sex on the threat of not helping them to become famous. Well said Richard.
    Very graphic and straight to the point too. 🙂 Good for her, she is so much wiser than he knows.


  3. The volta took me completely by surprise, but it shouldn’t have done, because the superb writing of the rest of the poem should have warned me what was coming. 🙂


  4. Oh – I think this would make a lovely episode for CSI – I can almost see the scene play out – that while this gal had the thought and didn’t act…someone else did! I can see her being interviewed and spitting the words; “While I thought of doing so, it wasn’t me. I’m not sorry either!”

    Thank you for your visit and kind words. I really enjoy this Wordle community.


  5. Contemporary is its awful reality…..It’s the lure of easy money, sometimes, or the result of human depravity – harsh truths beautifully written..


  6. Richard, you found the only fitting and perfect ending to this piece. Don’t you just love it when it all comes together, like that. Wonderful use of the words, great imagery, and so very real and true. It may have been going on for centuries in many and various ways, but we still need the reminder of that reality.



  7. I wasn’t expecting that ending either, which was really why it worked so well. I love it when I am surprised. She’s got it figured out; now I hope she gets herself another job.

    (I clicked your name in my blog, hoping to shortcut over to your blog rather than having to go through the Whirl. I was directed to your OLD discontinued blog. You might want to change that, as I am sure I’m not the only one who jumps to blogs that way.)


  8. “Here are her lips”

    “The clothes hanging on the racks
    are just an act, a costume,
    that she wears like a gesture”

    naked snapshots of him” … Nice turn.

    so other and alien and frail” … I love that it seems foreign to her, as if she is a child inside a woman’s body.

    “she would skin him alive,
    he disgusts her so” … Awesome. Absolutely perfect ending. 🙂


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