“Make your lines straight”

Make your lines straight
But slope and
Trope them with images
That reveal slowly

Slant the truth
If you must
Or give us just a taste
Of all the truth

Circle round the truth
Follow the tangents
Because the direct approach
Is (yawn) and cliche

Put the truth
On the periphery
For the readers’ vision
To see without looking

/ / /

This is another poem written in response to the prompt to write a straight line poem at Poetic Asides.

2 thoughts on ““Make your lines straight”

  1. ah, you did a nice job tackling the same prompt a second time…as for truth – I tend to put it out there…making my lines straight. But you’ve shown us the many angles of doing so! Well done.


    • Paula, thank you. I had the Emily Dickinson poem in mind, the one about “tell all the truth but tell it slant”. That slant/straight connection inspired this one.



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