Sleeping in
or not

Lunch at 11:43
or right at noon

Making Lego vehicles
sprawled on the carpet

or playing Lego Batman
on the Wii

Splashing in the water
So many pictures

Trying new recipes
and old favorites too

and chana masala

Weekday pancakes
Too many snacks

New songs for the playlist
lots of old New Wave

Not having to drive
to work

Walking more
Instagram flowers

/ / /

This poem was written to the prompt to write a summer poem at Margo Roby’s Tuesday Tryouts.

I liked the challenge of not writing about the things I put on my list of things that first came to my mind about summer. “Splashing in the water” is a bit of a cheat, but I still didn’t use anything from my list: swimming, beach, pool. It forced me to dig a bit deeper, and made me just focus on things I’ve done in the past two weeks.

5 thoughts on “June

  1. Ack! I didn’t mean to read this one…I haven’t done this prompt yet. :/

    You did a nice job on coming from the different angle. My summer poem wouldn’t reflect much of a difference from most of my year. But I’ll have to try to still come up with something for this prompt. Maybe I’ll save it for the END of my summer, summer poem.

    (You keep mentioning Balela…)


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