water, water everywhere

Good is like water;
it nourishes in being.
Without effort
it just is.

It does
without thinking.
It is
without thinking.

It is everywhere
within us
sustaining life.
It is life.

It does not contend,
but flows naturally,
finding a way to be
where it needs to be.

It flows down
as streams and rivers
to the world ocean.

It rises up
as vapor,
the spirit of life.

It is soft
falling from the sky.
It cleanses.
It makes things grow.

Supple and alive,
it bends the inflexible.
It weakens the hard;
rocks become sand.

Gentle sands now
to walk on,
lapped by the waves,
the sound of life.

It is calm here,
down low
where land meets water
and the sky is open.

Dive in,
buoyed by life.
Drink deep,
it tastes good.

/ / /

This poem was written in response to the water, water everywhere prompt at Poetic Bloomings.

It was inspired by some lines in the Tao Te Ching.

6 thoughts on “water, water everywhere

  1. This is absolutely love, Richard…it is so calming. You’ve covered so much of what water is and does and means…your words soothe…kinda like one of those desktop fountains…softly trickling in the background. I just want to read it again and again.



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