How Much

Molecules are small, and atoms are smaller,
yet they are made of even smaller particles.
As we ponder these objects, there is great uncertainty.
We can know the position of an electron,
but we can’t know it’s speed at the same time.
We can know the speed of an electron,
but we can’t know it’s position at the same time.
Electrons jump from position to position,
and they give off photons, which we can see.
It is because of photons that we can see.
But are those photons particles or waves?
And why can’t we see both at the same time?
This is the problem when we get small,
that nothing is completely definite, only probable.

/ / /

This poem was written in response to the prompt to write about something small at Poetic Asides.

5 thoughts on “How Much

  1. I skipped this prompt…it was one of those weeks! :/ Since it’s the start of a new week, I doubt I’ll be going back to that prompt anytime soon, so I’m finally making my way around to reading! I loved the flow of this, Richard. When I finished reading it I noticed the “sonnet” tag — and went back through to read again with that in mind. Such a scientific topic…yet explored so poetically. Well done.


    • Paula, thank you. Glad you liked the flow. It’s a free verse sonnet, not quite following any specific pattern, but the flow of thought. I’m fascinated lately with quantum mechanics, which messes with my head, and seems to beg for a poetic understanding.



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