The indigenous name.
The goddess. The holy mother.

Sacred land.
Significance in the approach

to the summit.
And the descent.

The visitors
driven by demons within.

They respect the goddess.

They string prayer flags,
rituals to appease

the holy mother,
to seek her protection

for their elaborated
intention to summit.

Chomolungma. Shengmu Feng.
Sagarmatha. Mt. Everest.

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 56 at The Sunday Whirl.

It is also my first post from my iPhone.

28 thoughts on “Chomolungma

    • Brenda, thank you. These words called to me. I have read “Into Thin Air” twice. I am fascinated with Mt. Everest/Chomolungma – and the people who climb it/her. Thank you for those words.



  1. Aren’t the names wonderful? [the not anglo named ones] I liked following your line breaks and your punctuation. They add to my enjoyment of the poem and what it says.


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