A Judging Poem

I’m not judgmental

But I was judged
and deemed unacceptable

Now does that seem fair to you?

I mean
what did I ever do to you?
I certainly didn’t hurt you

Maybe I wasted
a little bit of your time
But that’s not a crime,
is it?

I mean really
Has it come to that?
That if I waste your time
you’ll expect me
to compensate you

And if I don’t
you’ll litigate

See, I’m here
for art’s sake
I’m not here
for the money

There’s no money in poetry

So, if you think
you’re going to get money out of me
you’ve got another thing coming

Like I said,

Look where I’m at

I mean seriously
You didn’t pay anything

No one made you come here
and read me

So don’t get all judgmental
on me

I’m just trying to do my job

Come on
Be honest
I’m better
than that last thing you read

/ / /

This poem was written to the prompt at Poetic Asides to write a judging poem.

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