12 thoughts on “hour

    • I’ve seen your elfje. I’ve been meaning to try my hand at that form. I also like the Collom lune with 3/5/3 words; also eleven words.
      That’s odd about my email address; my gmail account is active.



      • hmm…a new form….Yum!
        Collum Lune…from what country? I guess I can try and look that up myself. Thanks. I like shorter forms. They work well for small daily observations.

        Is your addy supposed to start with ‘c’ ‘a’ and I think it ended with an ‘s’ before the (at)?


  1. Jules, I learned about the Collom lune from Robert Brewer at Poetic Asides. It’s named after Jack Collom, and is a variation of the Kelly lune, which is a variation of haiku.

    Yes, it does start with CA, as in California, and it is plural before the (at).



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