I have a brown thumb
I kill plants

I don’t mean to
It just happens

So, you should probably
keep seeds away from me

Words are my soil
That’s where I plant

Some are forests
November novels

Some a clump of trees
an adapted screenplay

Some a bush
leaves on each side

of the branches
stanzas of couplets

Some a blade of grass
a haiku

These are my seeds
I share them with you

Plant them in your fertile soil
your imagination

That would make me happy
and maybe you too

That green
that is our life

/ / /

This poem was written in response to returning to the soil prompt at Poetic Bloomings.

3 thoughts on “Verdant

      • I agree this end is really meant to be!! I thought the same before I even read these comment s so it really must be!!! Great poem and I often feel the very same on ending poems, such a delicate balance involved and you’ve captured it!


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