It may not be an
apple a day, but zest does
make life worth living

a spiral of zest-
lemon or orange in drinks-
long life everyday

zest in a cocktail-
lemon zest in an entree-
no zest for dessert

/ / /

These poems were written in response to the zest prompt at Haiku Heights.

12 thoughts on “zest

  1. Your post just popped up in my emails; as I was just finishing my morning cup of water with fresh lemon. Now it is time for breakfast. I am thinking usually you are right about dessert-well except for lemon meringue pie and key lime pie, and lemon squares…oh dear.


  2. Contributes to zest being the spice of life … the preparation of zest prompt has created a craving of some sweet zest ~~ might have to give in today! Thanks for the month ~~ Happy week!


  3. Lots of zest here. But, wait, no dessert? Maybe a small lemon tart to bring the meal to a nice pucker-y end? It’s been nice reading your haiku, Richard. Thank you for coming by to ready mine and for your encouraging comments.


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