Wordle 54

this is my world
the bowling alley

some would say
i have squandered my life

tending the lanes
accommodating the flocks

of customers
rarely do they bowl alone

washed in a sea of noise
balls knocking down pins

those intractable pins
people trying to best them

playing at beating others
working at beating themselves

or is it the other way around
I don’t know

i’m a follower
not a leader

i just wait for the girl
with green eyes

i follow her with my eyes
as she walks by the plaque

the plaque with my name on it
next to the pewter trophy

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 54 at The Sunday Whirl.

13 thoughts on “Wordle 54

  1. very nice. There was a summer in Blacksburg, VA where I could not find any job but working the counter at a bowling alley. Met a lot of interesting characters. I like the way you set this up and close it.


  2. Nice! On of my BILs in another life use to be the manual pinsetter in some Jersey lane… Actually got to bowl in Italy while on a visit. Interesting that in the ‘off season’ – kind of annoying that the folks didn’t follow bowling etiquette…waiting for one to finish be for approaching the lane for their turns…But that’s the way it goes. Here is link to my contribution:


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