I have shelved poems-
but someday I will return
to them and revise

aches can make for good
poems – without sentiment-
and joy redeeming

put words together
for an exquisite image-
or meaning that moves

don’t be too abstract-
a precise image may be
more than exquisite

it’s okay if some
ethereal words sneak in-
just not too many

spangling is no good-
if you find any sparkles
quickly cut them out

when they’re done reading-
leave them with some ideas
to ferment alone

or maybe it should
move them to shimmy, to think
with their whole bodies

or origami-
folding, so ordinary
becomes beautiful

like a green dragon-
it can be from east or west
all are welcome here

no cacophony-
no symphony either but
don’t mess up the sound

then comes the coda-
you have to end on the right
note or it’s all for

/ / /

These senryu were written in response to the words from the Anniversary Wordle at The Sunday Whirl.

8 thoughts on “Poems

  1. Richard, I just love all the wisdom for poets within this poem. I hope you DO return to your ‘shelved’ poems someday and publish a book filled with them! I agree about ethereal words…some, but not too many. I’d rather write/read a poem grounded in earth. (LOL.) And yes, some ideas definitely take time to ferment. Like good wine, some become better with age.


  2. This is interesting, Richard. Your structure gives the poem a quality not unlike what Wallace Stevens did with the black birds. Something about the almost disconnect between stanzas, and yet the thread that runs through does connect. Apologies if I am making no sense. I enjoyed what and how you wrote.


  3. This flows really well and your advise is well thought out and tempered with experience. I would, however, disagree about the spangles. A bit of shine, now and then, might attract and fascinate, bring light into dark places, and simply delight just for the hell of it, lol. Wonderful write, Richard.



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