In kindergarten
it was dramatic play

In first grade
it was finding space
often with a push

too much energy
but not forceful

In second grade
just a sweet boy
but still liked to play tricks

sweet tricks
that only made me laugh

In third grade
your reading became richer
asking about figures of speech

and consonant blends
in spelling

In fourth grade
the teacher who liked yoga
so it was about the breath
and being flexible

In fifth grade
the exchange student
as your first crush

I remember those glances

The flames change color
every year
yet the fire remains the same

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 52 at The Sunday Whirl.

21 thoughts on “Ignition

  1. This is lovely, Richard. Do you keep a copy of pieces for your sons? I bet they would like that when they grow up. It is true that teachers change the focus. Breathing is a good one.


  2. Richard – what a great piece. If this is truly about one of your sons (vs another student) it would be a great inclusion in the memoirs. (…and from a WORDLE no less…bravo!!)


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