Rejected Poem

That’s fine
Don’t you worry about me

I’ll just lie here, shall I?

No, don’t pretend
that you feel sorry for me
I don’t want your pity

Of course it doesn’t feel good

Well, how about a little help?

No, I don’t feel content

Oh… CONtent

What’s wrong with it?
Too long – too short?
Not said the right way?

What do you mean
my attitude?

So, it’s not what I said
but how I said it?

Well, I am what I am

Maybe it’s best I just stay here
Would that be all right with you?

How about another one
to keep me company?

/ / /

This poem was written in response to the write a rejected poem prompt at Poetic Asides. As you can probably tell, I took that phrase literally.

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