thunder and lightning-
scares my son, but brings me warmth,
memories of youth

/ / /

This haiku/senryu was written in response to the warmth prompt at Haiku Heights.


16 thoughts on “warmth

  1. Interesting how the same natural phenomena can have different effects on different people! I didn’t worry much about thunder and lightning when I was a kid, but it scares me now..as I think possible tornado, possible electric outage, etc. When I was a kid I didn’t contemplate the possibilities.

    • Mary, thank you. I grew up in the Midwest, so I love thunderstorms. They’re rare here in the Bay Area, so they scare my seven-year-old. He felt much better this morning.


  2. My Grama explained thunder as the angels getting strikes in bowling. Lightening to me is beautiful especially when lighting up the darkness of night. I like photos of lightening too…you get to see the branches of light and can pretend they are the brain synapses of the thinking sky.

    • Angels bowling, huh? I like that!. I love photos like that too. We had an unusual thunderstorm here in the Bay Area last night, so I had to write about it.


    • Pamela, thank you. That is scary. I’ve never had anything like that happen to me. I have fond memories of thunderstorms from my Midwest childhood. And, being rare here in the Bay Area, they do scare my son.


    • Yeah, it was an unusual thunderstorm for us here in the Bay Area last night. We get them rarely, and last night’s was quite powerful. One thunderclap even made me jump it was so close.


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