Why would any visit us?

I don’t think they’ll come
to enslave us
or steal our resources
or colonize our planet

Those are all metaphors
for our own fears and failings

I do think they’ll come
as explorers
with open minds
and open hearts
willing to share with us
ready to learn from us

But then again
maybe those are all metaphors
for our own hopes

/ / /

This poem was written to the day two challenge at Poetic Asides to write a visitor poem.

5 thoughts on “Visitors?

  1. Food for thought, Richard! What we believe perhaps is perhaps our own kind of philosophy, whether we believe people are out to get us or out to befriend us. Also bears a resemblance to…do we see a glass as half empty or half full? Actually I think if there are ‘others’ out there they will simply ignore us! LOL.


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