It may not be an
apple a day, but zest does
make life worth living

a spiral of zest-
lemon or orange in drinks-
long life everyday

zest in a cocktail-
lemon zest in an entree-
no zest for dessert

/ / /

These poems were written in response to the zest prompt at Haiku Heights.

Wordle 54

this is my world
the bowling alley

some would say
i have squandered my life

tending the lanes
accommodating the flocks

of customers
rarely do they bowl alone

washed in a sea of noise
balls knocking down pins

those intractable pins
people trying to best them

playing at beating others
working at beating themselves

or is it the other way around
I don’t know

i’m a follower
not a leader

i just wait for the girl
with green eyes

i follow her with my eyes
as she walks by the plaque

the plaque with my name on it
next to the pewter trophy

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 54 at The Sunday Whirl.

the future

a happiness tour-
still married, now retired,
kids are in college

/ / /

This poem was written for the poet’s choice prompt at Haiku Heights.

Process Notes: Wrote this last weekend. We were driving home from a day out and about (it was beautiful and sunny) and on the side of a bus I saw the words “happiness tour”. I pointed it out to my wife and told her, “That’s going in a poem.”


See’s candy-
favorite brittle-

she is now divorced-

wallet found-
no one is around-

feeling bad-
been sober, but now?

boss gone now-
can be done later-

over fence-
my neighbor’s new car-

won first place-
thinking what to say-

/ / /

These 3/5/3 senyru were written to the temptation prompt at Haiku Heights.


not into kismet-
don’t want to be told what my
lot in life will be

why do the lots need
to be divided? because
you know it’s not fair

how about a word
that means multiplying and
not dividing life?

/ / /

This poem was written in response to the kismet prompt at Haiku Heights.

Process notes: I discovered, at Dictionary.com, that the word kismet comes from the Arabic qismah meaning: division, portion, lot, fate.


I have shelved poems-
but someday I will return
to them and revise

aches can make for good
poems – without sentiment-
and joy redeeming

put words together
for an exquisite image-
or meaning that moves

don’t be too abstract-
a precise image may be
more than exquisite

it’s okay if some
ethereal words sneak in-
just not too many

spangling is no good-
if you find any sparkles
quickly cut them out

when they’re done reading-
leave them with some ideas
to ferment alone

or maybe it should
move them to shimmy, to think
with their whole bodies

or origami-
folding, so ordinary
becomes beautiful

like a green dragon-
it can be from east or west
all are welcome here

no cacophony-
no symphony either but
don’t mess up the sound

then comes the coda-
you have to end on the right
note or it’s all for

/ / /

These senryu were written in response to the words from the Anniversary Wordle at The Sunday Whirl.