Fragrant; Jostle; Remnant

acacias in bloom-
can’t smell the fragrant blossoms
of flowering plum

/ / /

no jostling students-
joy of spring break  – or is it
no rush hour drives?

/ / /

remnant of winter-
last night’s battering rain and
cold winds storming here

/ / /

These two haiku and one senryu were written in response to Fragrant; Jostle; Remnant at Three Word Wednesday.

16 thoughts on “Fragrant; Jostle; Remnant

    • Paula, thank you. I do seem to keep writing about not commuting, don’t I? And I was inspired by Magical Mystical Teacher and her haiku and senryu. I thought I’d try that approach for these three words.



  1. I’m delighted with this trio! I especially like the fragrance of the first one—yes, a haiku can have its own special redolence! 🙂


  2. Love spring break, and how you wondered if it were the lack of students or the ease of driving that made it so sweet. Always love haikus, especially those as well done as yours. Sweet rain, sweet blossoms, rain blossoms on me.


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