The president charged us with this mission,
and it has caused us no small amount of trouble.
There have been accidents,
lives lost, as if sacrificed.
That has left many of confused, daring to ask
if we should continue to Mars, or just settle
for the plenty we have already managed to achieve.
We have handled so much up to this time,
paying the prices, the tolls laid upon us,
but what will it take for us to succeed?
A libation, wine poured out, to an old god?
Is our faith in science so shaken?
Where do we find the courage to go on?

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 47 at The Sunday Whirl.

6 thoughts on “Sacrifices

  1. You dared to go on…and made it just under the wire. Nice job!

    I was looking to see if the new wordle was up.. and there you are. Maybe I have done plenty of wordles- but no I will keep going. See you for the next one!


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