The Little Magic Shop

I love my customers
I’ve ransacked my backroom
to find the right items
for valued customers

Purchase or trade
I don’t care which
But I never use stickers
for prices
Too tacky

And I keep all purchases
strictly confidential

All sorts of charms
A monocle to see through fog
A handkerchief to control weeping
A mirror for visions
A belt that will guarantee
you a successful interview
A jacket that will make you a blur
at night or in dim light

Our location?
Oh, I’m sorry, dear,
if you don’t already know,
I can’t help you

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 43 at The Sunday Whirl.

46 thoughts on “The Little Magic Shop

  1. I’ll place my order: please could I have a belt that will guarantee a successful interview? I’ll send my owl over for it 🙂

    What a different Wordle response to mine!


  2. I am an echo of all above… there is a delightful light yet powerful magical quality to this poem – I can actually hear his voice – and a chill down my spine … BRAVO


  3. Reminds me of ‘The old curiosity shop’ Lovely imagery. I like the idea of ‘if you don’t know where we are, I’m not going to tell you.’
    This whole piece made me smile, thank you 🙂


  4. Bravo, Richard! I love the magical vibe in this poem. It’s clever with a whisper of black magic and wizardry! “A monocle to see through fog” and “A handkerchief to control weeping” sound like perfectly marvelous treasures!


  5. I love the double meaning of “tacky” stickers. Damn, I hate getting sticker glue off art from Walmart. LOL This poem makes me want to get to know the shop’s purveyor, and peruse the shelves of his shop.


    • Brenda, thank you for commenting on the word play of “tacky”; I was hoping someone would mention it. It’s a neat, little shop; I’ll tell you were it is so you can peruse.



  6. How fun! 🙂

    I really enjoyed this, Richard. Definitely a more light-hearted feel than where I ended up. But…that’s the joy of the wordles.

    My favorite line — I, too, enjoyed the double meaning of “tacky.” Good one!



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