Bigger Shoes

This is not a polite poem.
You can stop reading now
if you want.
I’ll never know.

And isn’t that the problem?
The things we don’t do.

I wish I had bigger shoes,
shoes to kick the shit
(I warned you)
out of racism, homophobia, you name it,
man’s inhumanity to man
and woman
and child.

They wouldn’t be comfortable shoes,
but then that’s the point.
The right things aren’t often the easy things,
but, really, how hard is it to be kind?

My bigger shoes would have a tread of compassion
that left a mark of kindness,
kindness that would lead to action,
rather than the non-action of fear.

I’m not trying to be holier than thou.
Trust me – I know I’m not.
I’m just trying to wear bigger shoes.

/ / /

This poem was written in response to the Big Shoes prompt at We Write Poems.

24 thoughts on “Bigger Shoes

    • Joss, I think that’s a great idea. I had not heard of that organization before, but they look like a great organization to me. I certainly agree with their goals. I’m not sure where I could submit it to them, however. I’ll keep looking for info on their website and blog. Thanks for letting me know about this organization.



  1. Richard, sometimes one has to write poems that are ‘impolite.’ Sometimes strong words are necessary to combat all that IMPOLITE hatred that is being spread. I like the idea of big shoes with a tread of compassion!


    • Mary, thanks. Glad that my impoliteness here worked. I think some of us shy away from the political because it’s not considered polite. Glad you like that idea of the big shoes in the poem.



  2. What Mary says. We [the unfaced general populace of the U.S.] seem, in the desire to make sure the perpetrators have a fair shake, to forget the victims, who were never given the choice.


  3. Light and to the point. Oh yes, there’s the quote, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” And thank you Muhammad Ali too. It is, isn’t it, the feather touch of light that brings the dragon down, even if sometimes it looks like a boot? πŸ™‚ And no need for angst while being a boot, just be a boot. Humor, that’s also good, and this poem has some of that too. Good job Richard.



  4. Holy smokes, RIchard, tell it like it is! Cute to put the warning up front; I have some senior readers for whom I occasionally post a warning…
    I know how you feel. With me, it is always verbal confrontation, as peacefully and politely as possible, letting them know they might want to MEET some of the people they are slamming. Usually bigots lead insulated, scared little lives. Thanks, Amy


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