New Thoughts on Old

I’m somebody’s old man / am I really that old?

I haven’t hit old age / this is just mid-life

I’ve got some gray that makes me look old
but I blame that on the young

I am the oldest son / and the oldest grandson

I haven’t aged / like whiskey or brandy or wine

I’m old enough to know better / but not old enough to be wise

I don’t talk about the good old days
I think the days now are just fine

I might be an older model / than some others you’ve seen
but I’ve managed to keep the mileage pretty low

I’m an old hand at writing
but the writing keeps me young

I wouldn’t say I’m an old soul
but I’ve always acted older than my years

I still like it when old students
come back to say hello

And I am not quite old enough to remember
The Flintstones and their “gay old time” in prime time

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Prompt #41 – Old Relatives at Poetic Bloomings.

10 thoughts on “New Thoughts on Old

  1. really enjoy the way each phrase/stanza relates to itself in a very specific way – the flow and images adding to delight of reading this – middle of the moment is what I come to think – very strong


  2. You missed the Flintstones in primetime? infant, you are.
    I saw the Mary Martin Peter Pan as a live broadcast. I am, indeed, old.

    I like the loose, but structured, feel of this. Enough parallels, and constantly surprising


  3. I believe you have used the / structure before — I really like how it works in this one.

    You covered so much ground…after a few rereads, I can’t pick a favorite pairing. And I can’t imagine the entire poem without any one piece you’ve included. Well done, my friend!!



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