Overnight Field Trip

We’re leaving today for a three-day, two-night overnight field trip to the Marin Headlands Institute. This is the first time for us at Lafayette Elementary for this field trip. We’re all a little nervous and a little excited at the same time. I think it’s going to be a great field trip, and I’m very much looking forward to it. The other teachers and I hope that this will become a tradition for fifth grade students, a field trip experience that we will repeat in the future.

The bad news is I’m going to be on an overnight field trip when NaNoWriMo begins tomorrow. I bought a journal yesterday, so I will be handwriting for the first couple of days.

The good news is I attended a meet-and-greet with fellow Wrimos yesterday at a Starbucks in Redwood City. It was fun and energizing to meet others who live in my region who are also going to be writing this year. There were at least fifteen people who showed up, and three of us are teachers.

I got a couple of NaNoWriMo stickers at the meet-and-greet, and I’ve stuck them on my journal. One reads “Your Story Matters” and the other one says “You are part monkey, part ninja, part stairmaster cyborg.” I think my students will get a kick out of that one.

I’ll have a NaNoWriMo update when I return on Wednesday. And I’m sure I’ll have a thing or two to say about the field trip as well.

5 thoughts on “Overnight Field Trip

  1. Yay!! What a fun experience to meet up with fellow “Wrimos” (great term!). Have a fabulous time on the field trip…I’ll be praying for lots of exciting memories in the making…and an eternally sharp pencil. 😉



    • Paula, the field trip was lots of fun – but exhausting. I thought I was sleeping well, but I don’t think I was.

      And meeting fellow Wrimos is always fun. I’m looking forward to more write-ins.



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