rondeau: scrapers

We don’t wake with a jolt anymore.
We just scrape across the floor
and look for our dignity,
rummaging in our pockets to see
if we can find any more.

We used to be urgent and aroar.
Now we’re just simple and sore.
We used to strive – to be.
We don’t wake with a jolt anymore.

We know we should be bold or
work to build scrapers that soar,
but we pass what we see,
cut out all roaring humanity.
We’re all aft; there’s no one fore.
We don’t wake with a jolt anymore.

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 21 at The Sunday Whirl. I was inspired to write a rondeau by an article in the October issue of The Writer which I am currently reading on my nook.

29 thoughts on “rondeau: scrapers

  1. I love your choice to repeat the line you did…..with each appearance, it’s as if I’ve been taken by the shirt collar and shaken a bit to wake me up. There’s another prompt out there somewhere, I read on another’s blog, to employ the rondeau. Perhaps it was on Mike Patrick’s blog? If I come across where the prompt was, I’ll let you know so you can link there, as well.

    Great use of the wordle words, too. 🙂

    well done, my friend,


  2. Hooray! I’m glad you posted this on Real Toads. I love it when people spontaneously erupt in strict formats. Huh, that sounded kind of like a disease, but I meant it as a compliment. Don’t mind me, I presented the challenge and all I could come up with at first was a poem about zombies. Sigh.


    • Grace, “spontaneously erupt in strict formats” cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh – and for your zombie poem. I really liked it. (I haven’t written a zombie poem yet). I think I’ll be keeping an eye on Real Toads now.



  3. A rondeau and a wordle? Richard, I would have thought it impossible, yet it is beautifully done. And using “jolt” in the repeating line? That’s just showing off.

    Please go to Real Toads (Paula’s link above) and post. There are only a few so far and they are all great. This will fit in perfectly.


  4. Thank you for the rondeau. I love the repetition, too. In oral traditions, repetition helps the teller remember specific parts of stories, and keep the tellings cohesive through generations. You’ve got me considering the idea of story tellers as poets.

    “We’re all aft; there’s no one fore” heightens my fear for our future.


    • Brenda, thanks. I like the repetition that you can do in poetry. I’m terrible at rhyme, but there are so many other ways to do it.

      I’m glad you like/fear that line. I fear it too sometimes.



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