you have to open the curtains,
their edges touching the bookcase
with the gilded leather covers
standing at attention, waiting,
their wisdom rendered from life,
and blink for a moment
at the light scattered by the clouds,
cast your scattered thoughts aside,
let the whir of your mind cease,
do not scan for the plot twist,
just marvel at the natural world,
where nothing is reprehensible

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 14 at The Sunday Whirl.

22 thoughts on “Open

    • Amy, thank you as always for your kind and thoughtful comments. I, too, have a hard time looking past what is reprehensible, thus my look into Nature (i.e., not human).



  1. I am always fascinated by how a poem works for me as the reader. As I read your poem, I felt myself physically and mentally calming. Nature gives us what books cannot. You accomplished the conveying of an important theme within the constraints of a wordle. Marvelous.
    Have you read Whitman’s “When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer”? If not, here is a link: Your poems say the same thing, different scenarios.
    Thank you for this.



    • Margo, thank you. What a lovely comment. One, that you found it calming. I’ll take that as high praise. And two, that you compared my poem to one by Whitman. I do know that poem. It’s one that I read to my students. Thank you.



  2. I’ve spent the last month doing the River of Stones with one daily observation. I challenged myself to use my own photos and to keep each day’s observation drawn from Nature. It has been a unique and often thrilling adventure and I find its echo here in your poem. And btw, I really like the way you tossed out reprehensible at the end. I had to get it out of the way as quickly as possible, lol. The wordles are proving to be an amazing experience, yes? Pat on the back for taking the time and effort to catch up. From a reader’s point of view, it was well worth it,



    • Elizabeth, thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. I wasn’t as diligent with the small stones as I planned. I wrote some, but didn’t post them all – maybe I’ll do more catching up in August. The wordles are an amazing experience. Glad you liked it – it’s all about the readers.



  3. Richard, This is a beautiful meditative piece. Using scattered twice works, I like it. Your use of reprehensible rings true. Judgements are human constructs, and we have mastered them. 🙂



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