Logic is just one river
that empties into the Sea of Thought.

It flows, a path of nature,
as true as the river of Instinct
and much more so than Emotion,
that twisted tributary
feeding into Whim,
as so many others do,
and drink from as well.

But Logic is clear and cool,
not muddied like Fantasy
by all the unicorns and centaurs
galloping along its banks,
a world all its own
and yet just part of ours.

And Logic flows calmly,
no buzz of mosquitoes
in your ears
from stagnant ponds
looking for blood.

I don’t understand
why some resist,
just refusing to drink
from this wondrous river.

Or why those who do drink
are not quenched of their thirst.
Maybe it’s the lack of taste.

Then my eyes fluttered open,
and I realized I’d been floating down Dream.

/ / /

This poem was written in response to Wordle 12 at The Sunday Whirl.

I have failed utterly to write a poem to Wordle 11, which is part of the delay in getting this one posted.

13 thoughts on “Poem

  1. It was worth waiting for, Richard. This is perhaps the metaphor of methaphors. Not only fun to read, but it says something of our thought process. Our Sea of Thought suffers floods and droughts from its many sources. This poem could have run out of control in so many directions, but you kept it within its banks. I found this it to be spot on.


    • Mike, thank you. I always enjoy reading your kind and thoughtful comments. I seem to be in a poetic drought at the moment, so maybe this was my subconscious trying to bring some water back.



  2. One of the things I like about your poetry, in response to wordles, is that I never remember it is written to a wordle. Your topics are so interesting and presented in such a way that I just think: Oh good, another poem by Richard. I have to remind myself several times to try and spot the words.
    Sometimes the brain won’t play. I wonder, if you go back to #11 without the deadline whether your brain will take in the words.If not, enh. It’s nice to know you are human 🙂



    • Margo, thank you for such kind words. I strive to make a real poem out of those wordle words, so it’s good to know that they aren’t remembered as wordle poems.

      I think I’ll try to go back to #11 and try a completely different tack with it. I’m nothing if not persistent, but maybe I was trying too hard.



  3. Excellent poem, Richard. I often have recurring dreams about riding down rivers, going into streams where no one else is going and wondering why they don’t take the quieter, more peaceful tributary I’ve steered my boat into. Your poem reminded me of those dreams. 🙂


    • Brenda, thank you. I’m behind on poems from the wordles, but I’m catching up. I may be inconsistent in posting, but I’m persistent.

      Thanks as always for hosting The Sunday Whirl. Writing poems to the dozen words you choose always leads me someplace unexpected. I’m glad that it’s sometimes also beautiful.



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