Here Now

I sit in bed with my reading pillow
and my lap desk, my laptop nearby

iced tea on my bedside table
okay, just a splash of sweet tea
and then water to fill the glass
edged in blue at the top

a Lego knight on horseback
that my sons made for me
he guards my books
stacks of them on the table
and on the floor along with CDs
I’m ripping onto iTunes

three frames on the walls
each on a different wall
one of my wife and I
on our first trip to Vegas
where we’d later marry
it was taken in a photo booth
but looks like a pen and ink
sketch by Rembrandt
one a watercolor of cherry blossoms
painted by my mother
the last a picture I took
of our firstborn the first week
we lived in this house
it’s not even a photograph
it’s a digital snapshot
my wife printed out at work
on a color printer on plain paper
we were so broke then
having just paid first and last
and the security deposit

beneath the watercolor a coffee table
long ago removed from the living room
as we baby-proofed the new house
now a permanent fixture in our bedroom
where stands the Tiffany lamp
that was my grandmother’s
an heirloom left to me
in my father’s will
safe from boys who are not allowed
to play in our bedroom

even when I’m alone in here
reading, listening to music,
or writing a poem
I’m surrounded by my family

/ / /

This poem was written to the Write here, now prompt at We Write Poems. Thanks to Pamela for the prompt.

20 thoughts on “Here Now

  1. This is testament to the love you hold for family. You and they are blessed with each other. Thank goodness for that Lego knight keeping guard over all that love. 🙂


  2. I agree with Pamela on both counts, but it is the seeing of each other in our spaces that will enrich the cyber bond amongst this writing community. Each time I see a name, I now have a place, an environment, for that person. I love that.

    My favourite detail is the Lego knight.



    • Margo, thank you. I hadn’t thought about that. You’re right – we each have a visual now of the places each other writes in. It will enrich our bond. Yeah, that Lego knight is special.



  3. A stream of visually connected personal items, poetically glued by the memories and personal details they rekindled in you. It’s like seeing through your eyes, briefly and well.


  4. To be surrounded by such love…beautiful.

    I enjoyed the small details you chose to include–like the blue rim on the glass. The picture printed on plain paper. And of course the Lego knight. Really a beautifully-crafted piece, Richard.



    • Paula, thank you. It’s just what I saw as I looked around. It was an enjoyable discovery/reminder about my surroundings. it was a good exercise in what to include and what to leave out.



  5. Ahh… a true gem. I not only admire the vivid imagery, but also the homey, warm tone that matches the prompt. For some reason this really stands out as a testiment of love:

    it was taken in a photo booth
    but looks like a pen and ink
    sketch by Rembrandt


    • Laurie, thank you so much. I’m glad to hear that the tone comes through like that. It stands out for me too; it was the first picture we hung in the new house.



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