8 thoughts on “untitled (Thursday Think Tank)

  1. I really do think that I could become seriously addicted to writing prompts. Whatever did I do before mid-December when I started writing for my blog!? I gradually worked into the prompts, but I believe the NaPoWriMo frenzy of a daily prompt in April got me hooked! And only recently did I ever consider writing to a visual prompt. I rather think I like doing that, as well. So….how happy to know there is another place to go! (Though I see it’s just the first Thursday of the month that the prompt is a visual one.) I might not be able to do this one–but will look for the next one. You, however, have done nicely with this piece. I like the idea of shadows resting on the bench. That’s exactly what benches are for: resting! 🙂

    As always, Richard, I enjoy what I find here!



    • Paula, thank you. Yeah, I find that the prompts really work for me. I did okay last year, 2010, with the prompts from Poetic Asides, but this year, I used prompts from so many other sites, that I felt I had much more success writing poems. And I’ve committed to continue writing past April, and the prompts are a little addicting. Not to mention the interactions with all the other writers out there who are visiting the prompt sites. And now I’m ready to branch out with some visual prompts, as well; I think this was my first one. Thanks again, as always, for your kind and encouraging words.



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