To Their Right

Preposition Piku

It tells us
we’re going. To.

Number Piku

Even and
Has to be: two.

In Addition Piku

Also or
or very. Too.

/ / /

Contraction Piku

Pronoun they
verb to be. They’re.

Possessive Piku

Pronoun for
his and hers. Their.

Parts of Speech Piku

Adverb, pro
adjective. There.

/ / /

Angle Piku

Proper, good
correct. It’s right.

Mark Piku

To compose
form words. To write.

Passage Piku

solemn act. Rite.

Construction Piku

A worker
Frank Lloyd. A wright.

/ / /

These pikus were written in response to the Dancing with Pikus prompt at We Write Poems. Thanks, Tilly. This was fun.

Regarding the “Parts of Speech Piku”: There is both a pronoun and a noun, thus “pro / noun”. Still not sure if I’m happy with that or not.

26 thoughts on “To Their Right

    • Yousei, yes, I think these will be used; I bet they’d look good on bookmarks. And they will undoubtedly proliferate. Glad to hear your father would have liked them. Thanks.



  1. Richard: These are impressively clever. I hope you save these and use them with your students NEXT year. They would teach some things, plus I bet the kids could write some good ones as well!


    • Mary, you read my mind. I think my students will like pikus. Now that I’ve finally had a go at them, I think it’s something I could teach. I’m sure they’ll write some good ones. Thanks.



  2. Most certainly are delightful, and ideas, creativity, neither have a time-line, nor do they adhere to any particular schedule. They just happen. That’s why we are told to keep a notebook handy. Ooops, now my teacher is showing. Like what you did and I was smiling the entire time I was reading them. Thank you,



    • Elizabeth, glad you also liked them. No, the muses don’t follow the calendar, do they? Glad your teacher is showing too. I read a bit of one of your other blogs; you have taught writing and creativity lessons; I plan on reading more.



  3. I don’t have students anymore but will still save these…in case! Or, if I have your permission, I would love to use them as examples when I write about misused words on my blog. Richard, these are so clever, you must have been delighted when the idea arrived and must have had such fun writing them.



    • Margo, please save them. And you absolutely have permission to use them as examples on your blog. When I read Tilly’s originals, the way she was using the rhymes and variations on a theme, this idea popped into my head. And they were lots of fun to write. Thanks.



  4. Richard, these are fantastic! I hope you are going to use them as teaching aids? Your kids will find them so helpful.

    I lovelovelove what you did with the prompt! Inspired.


    • Amy, I was hoping someone would comment on the titles. I think that “Passage” and “rite” had to go together. I hadn’t originally planned “wright” until I looked “rite” up in an online dictionary and was reminded there was another homophone. Glad they didn’t put you to sleep.



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