Two Hands

my wife has some lovely
Mother’s Day cards
from our sons
made at school

     Father’s Day
     comes after school is out
     for the summer
     I get store-bought cards

I think it’s great
that women and men walk
twenty miles a day
for three days
wearing pink

     it’s not the cancer
     that kills the most women

     and where’s the three day
     walk for prostate cancer?

this man is probably
too logical for you

     but I write poems

/ / /

This poem was written in response to the prompt at Poetic Asides to write an “on the other hand” poem.

6 thoughts on “Two Hands

  1. I really enjoyed reading your poems. I particularly like your humour…subtle but present. Thank you for sharing them. I’m encouraged to share more of mine…and to try some of the prompted poems- haven’t done that before.


  2. creativeintrospection, thanks for visiting. Glad you liked the poems. Humor does creep in quite a bit; even when I’m being serious, a bit of humor can sneak in.

    If I waited for inspiration to strike, I’d write maybe a poem a month, so I use the prompts to help me go out and find inspiration.



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