Please Say Yes

I’d like to come over and play.
It’s a little cool here by the ocean.
I’d like to stretch out for a bit
where it’s a little warmer.

I like coming east.
It’s fun traveling over the bay
and toward the foothills,
warming in your light embrace.

You can do that magic trick
where you make me invisible.
Then we can do it all over again
tomorrow, if that’s okay with you.

This morning the sun said yes to the fog.

* * * * *

This poem was written in response to the noble and fruitful sharing prompt at Big Tent Poetry. I borrowed a line – “This morning the sun said yes to the fog.” – from  Linda Jacobs. You can read her poems at Linda’s Poems. I encourage you to check out the very last show time at Big Tent Poetry.


36 thoughts on “Please Say Yes

  1. I know the bay area so well that this poem resonates particularly. I have watched the fog roll in many a morning and when I visit my mother this summer and watch it again I shall think of this and the sun saying yes to the fog.

  2. Richard, the gentle soft teasing tone of this is beautiful, and underlines that last line, so well chosen to end the poem. Has anyone told you that you are remarkably versatile? Now, they have,


    • Elizabeth, as always, thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments. I’m glad the tone is clear. Thank you, I think “versatile” is high praise.


  3. Richard, There is a gentle beauty in this piece—again about the bay. I love how it keeps popping up in your work. Personification…you work it.

  4. Even though it’s the fog and the sun talking, it could just as easily be a poem between two (non-elemental) lovers… either way, simple and sweet. Great interpretation of the line.

    • Mary, I agree. If only people could speak more lovingly to each other a little more often. As always, thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments.


    • Henry, I think you picked up on the playful tone of this poem; and I like your interpretation. I am endlessly fascinated with fog. Thanks for your kind words about the voice in this poem.


    • Amy, thanks. I couldn’t resist Linda’s line; it really called to me. I’m glad I didn’t use Linda’s line as my first line; it worked much better as the last. I wanted it to be read as word play between lovers too.


  5. Super interpretation of Linda’s lines. So tender & dear, ending with that poignant line.

    It’s been a pleasure to read you, Richard, and I look forward to reading your work in the future.

    So glad you found the tent, even if it was not that long ago.

    • Deb, thank you so much. Linda’s line called to me and I just had to use it. Thank you for reading my poems; I will continue to read yours as well. I’m glad I found the tent too; and there’s some history there that I think I can mine for future inspiration. I used a lot of Big Tent Poetry prompts in April, so I appreciate all the work that you, Carolee, and Jill have done. Thanks for that.


  6. I really enjoyed this, Richard. I especially loved these lines, which, when read from the love poem angle, feel sweet and poignant:

    You can do that magic trick
    where you make me invisible.

  7. As others have said, excellent poem – and I love your placement of Linda’s wonderful line as the summation, with the playful, sweet story to precede it. Great effect – and nice metaphor for a love poem also.

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