The Deposition

it was simple really
he wanted revenge
the bitter thirst in his mind
the constant aching in his heart
was too much
for him to resist

he tried – he really did

he tried to train himself
to show the feelings
others thought he should feel

he tried to be true
to the beliefs, the hopes,
the visions he once had
of himself

he tried to be resilient
but he could not
find it within himself
and there was no one else
not one
to support him, to sustain him
through his grief

he sat there
the pulse at his temples
thrumming in his ears
while the lawyers
did their scribbling
on yellow legal pads

sometimes their voices
grew animated
aroused by some information
he gave them

and all he could think
of was the hillsides
where his children…

* * * * *

This poem was written in response to Wordle 2 at a wordling whirl of Sundays.

Wordle 2

14 thoughts on “The Deposition

  1. Elizabeth, thanks. Glad the story didn’t get hung up on the wordle words; I think that’s the challenge of writing a poem from a wordle.

    Stan, thanks. Rock and roll is good.

    Briarcat, thanks. I’m partial to that stanza myself; resilience is so important, but if we don’t have anyone to believe in us, then it’s impossible. You have to have at least one person believe in you.

    Tilly, thanks. It was supposed to be unnerving.

    versebender, thanks. I was worried about that ending, so I’m glad to hear it works.



  2. Richard, this was a great story! There really are more ways than one that this played out…I love that it’s left to the reader. And the ending with the ellipsis reminded me of another one I read…

    😉 Paula


  3. Yes – it worked alright. I didn’t see that coming at all and it left plenty to imagine. Great use of the wordle words.


  4. Richard, I felt this man was alone, completely, and so was not that jarred by the ending, even though it was sad and violent. Really, some folks are so lost in their illness, they recount the stories again and again in their minds but do not connect with the consequence… or sometimes they do, but it’s too late. Wonderful writing of an horrific story. Amy


  5. Amy, that’s what I was thinking. He was so alone, that revenge seemed acceptable to him. And I guess it does foreshadow the ending. As always, thanks for the thoughtful words and kind comments.



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