Message in a Bottle

It depends, of course, on which bottle you
are holding and what is within. Some harm,
some nourish. Some open the senses while
others dull. Some will loosen your tongue and
lead to words of regret. But I have yet
to find a liquid within a bottle
that will inspire a poem. Quench a thirst,
toast a loved one, yes. But create, no. The
bottle messages are ephemeral.
They must be consistently replenished.

* * * * *

This poem was written in response to the message in a bottle prompt at Poetic Asides. This is also my attempt at what Robert has called “The Big 10”, a poem with ten lines of ten syllables each.


3 thoughts on “Message in a Bottle

  1. Paula, thanks. I wanted that last line to be evocative and hopeful, but it still has a bittersweet ring to me.

    Tilly, you’re right. I think he would disagree with me, and he’d probably have a few others with him in his camp.


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