falling poem

part of
learning to
walk, ride a bike – it’s
natural to stumble and fall.

why not algebra, making love?
why is it that we
fail because
we fear

* * * * *

This poem was written in response to the falling prompt at Poetic Asides.

4 thoughts on “falling poem

  1. I’m generally not a form writer…but do love using the fib. I’ve gone both ways–syllables or whole words. You’ve chosen wisely to make a nice, concise poem.


  2. Paula, me neither. I’ve been experimenting more with forms this month. I’ll have to try the fibonacci as whole word instead of syllables. I like the Collom lune, which counts words instead of syllables, but I have developed a fondness for the fibonacci and shadorma. As always, thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment; I appreciate it.

    Thanks, Tilly.

    Mike, well said. As a teacher, I’m always trying to normalize making mistakes for my students. It’s unavoidable, and as you said, part of the experience. It has its worth. Thank you.


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