Flattery Is Not Forever

flattery is not forever,
it lives a mayfly life

if it could sing
it would be all crescendo

shouting its message
to the world     then nothing

a silver phrase heard
by others also gone

not even divine perfume
could recall that memory

a body fallen, rotting,
leading to the sprouting

of new life from the scars
of the old life now fled

but flattery is not a song
it is a crude utterance

an inept attempt at love
that recounts only desperation

* * * * *

This poem was written in response to the Sunday Wordle prompt from Brenda at Beyond the Bozone.

I’ve enjoyed writing poems to Brenda’s wordles; this is my third this month. But this one was especially difficult and challenging, because four of the words she chose were from one of my poems. Thanks, Brenda.

9 thoughts on “Flattery Is Not Forever

  1. Great new header! I had to double check to see if it was you. Now I’ll go read the poem.

    If this is your third wordle, you’ve hit them all! In this piece, I love the sound of, “of the old life now fled.” As I hope to rot when I die (no embalming to preserve this body please), a rotting body that leads to sprouting speaks to me. Embalming is so bizarre. Ew. The last two couplets give it a bang of an ending. A five star wordler. (flattery) lol


  2. Mike, thank you. Your “quandary” made me laugh. It’s never too late; Brenda just posted it on Sunday, I think.

    Pamela, as always, thank you for your kind words.

    Brenda, thank you so much. You manage to pick great words for your wordles. Keep ’em coming. I was worried about those last two couplets; they seemed harsh to me, but I guess that’s the point. I’ll humbly accept your “five star” flattery any day.

    Paula, thank you. I’m glad that you too liked the ending as well. Yes, give wordles a try. I think what I like about them is that I’m not starting with a traditional prompt, which is typically a starting point. With a wordle, you get to decide what word or concept you’re going to start with.

    Ron, thanks. That was the hardest stanza to write, the one that I changed once or twice, but once I had it, then (pretty much) the rest of the poem followed.


  3. I think you explored this really well. I particularly liked the image in the first two stanzas and then the end was nicely realist.


  4. earlybird, thank you. Those first two stanzas got me going; they came very quickly. I’m glad you like the ending.

    Tilly, thanks. I love it when people say, “I love it.”


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